Mini Mall


Community management, Identità visiva, Motion design, Design grafico

Mini mall is a store concept based in the heart of Lausanne, offering the perfect spot to merchants who want to show their goods to the public.
For this project, we opted for an identity branding that allows the brand to stand out, through attractive colors inspired by the floral motifs of the “arts and crafts” movement, present in London in particular. In addition, the choice of font allows the logo to become a symbol in itself.
We also created the launch strategy on social media. For the organic content strategy, we collaborated with the future mini mall stores to highlight them. As for the paid one, we implemented a point-of-sale traffic strategy: as soon as people walked by the store, they would receive an Instagram or Facebook ad. With this we’ve been able to create a community around the project for the November 2021 opening.

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