Play Suisse


Motion design, Campagne digitali, Infografica, Strategia, Design grafico

Play Suisse is SRG’s streaming platform. All productions produced or co-produced by SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR are available for streaming with subtitles in the four national languages.
For the launch of the platform, we developed smart paid and organic communication campaigns for Play Suisse’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). Whether distribution strategy (A/B testing, targeting by age groups, interests or geographic areas) or content creation, we contributed to the launch of the platform and its mobile app.
We created a national-wide digital communication campaign in the four official languages and targeted different user groups based on their behavior or interests. To this day, we are responsible for content production and distribution on all their social networks.
The main objective of the social network campaigns was to acquire new users for Playsuisse. To meet this goal, we deployed a campaign architecture that optimised each step of the ecosystem and maximized our performance.

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