Horde is a design, communication and advertising agency based in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland.

Agile and innovative, we analyze, create and implement sharp creatives and strategic concepts across all medias. Driven by passion and enthusiasm, innovation inclined, we walk off the beaten tracks and mainstream formats.

We want our clients to love us as real human beings, reliable, creatives, smart and always on time. We value adventure spirit, innovation, happiness, smart thinking and creativity.

Horde is a flexible and reactive structure where talented professional gather to share their passion, work on your projects. This unique model allows us to shape the best dedicated team - The one you need.

We are numerous, but we stand as one — #WEAREHORDE

Our Team

Mathieu Tornare - Founder & Creative Director
Sylvain Conus - Founder & Creative Director
Susana Rodrigues - Project Manager
Kim Scherrer - Project Executive
Nasthasya Reuter - Graphic Designer
Chris Gautschi - Senior Graphic Designer
Bryan Decoppet - Graphic Designer
Jorge Petrov - Interactive Media Designer
Vincent Delaleu - Interactive Media Designer
Alan Marineau - Interactive Media Designer

Our Network

Julien Roserens - Filmmaker
Geoffroy Dubreuil - Filmmaker
Jules Guarneri - Filmmaker
Andy Bamford - Movie Director
Olivier Borlat - Art Director
Anurag Etchepareborda - Project Manager & Designer
Sebastien Staub - Photographer
Christophe Voisin - Photographer
Sacha Di Poi - Photographer
Ivan Zwahlen - Senior Strategist
Jonathan Monnay - Graphic Designer & Illustrator


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Studio Miles - Canada