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Mathieu Tornare

Founder & Creative Director

With a profoundly curious and creative mind, it’s no wonder Mathieu has so many passions like fly fishing, food, coffee, travel. And in his spare time he’s also a flight student, only a few more flight hours and we’ll have an in house pilot soon. Nevertheless, his biggest passion is coming into the agency where he can share the knowledge he’s acquired throughout his professional career, like marketing and interaction design. A true visionary and leader,  he aims to bring out the best in everyone on the team. He believes that how you do one thing is how you do everything. Hard work, humility, ambition and a respectful disrespect for the rules,  when it comes to design there are no limits. 

Sylvain Conus

Founder & Creative Director

You’ll surely find Sylvain climbing to the top of a mountain summit, nature sparks and nourishes his creativity. Much like the mountains he climbs, he is a constant source of inspiration around the agency. He leads the team to the vision and direction our clients projects call for. With a background in multimedia, advertising, and the luxury industry, his vision is that of a precise, refined and forward thinking design, always looking for the possibilities that life has to offer. The knowledge he shares with the team is indispensable, a true leader and visionary that knows the work we’re doing will go beyond us and have a life of its own.

Amina Abdulle

Director of Operations

After obtaining a Bachelor degree in Political Science and a Master degree in Public Management and Policy specialized in Communication, Amina had worked in the diplomacy field in New York and the banking and financial industries for KPMG and Credit Suisse. In 2019 she decided to go through a career reorientation and obtained a certificate in digital strategy from SAWI. Her career path and life experiences from NY to Zürich have given her the ability to adapt quickly and to interact with people and projects the best way possible.

Béatrice Bleuler

Content & Strategy Manager

Born in the crowded city of Tokyo, she quickly moved to peaceful Switzerland. From the  startup environment to big corporations such as Nespresso or Estée Lauder Inc., Béatrice has specialized herself in  marketing, after a Master degree in management at HEC Lausanne. Her multicultural background as well as her fluency in several languages has helped her to quickly adapt to different audiences and develop her communication skills.

Alyssa Garcia

Project Manager

Gaël Faure

Art Director

Chris Gautschi

Art Director

Having been raised and completed his studies 2005 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the city of Le Corbusier and watch making. Chris developed a passionate curiosity for all things architectural in design. A strong believer in learning the fundamentals, to later break the rules. He started out his professional career in the Swiss cultural sector, designing publications, and promotional documentation. An avid collector of printed materials, and a regular visitor of cultural events and exhibitions. He’s always at the front line of the latest trends in art and design. And lucky for us he always goes above and beyond to share his finding with the team and our clients.

Dennis Moya Razafimandimby

Visual & Interaction Curator

With an amazing collection of art and design books, Dennis is a virtual encyclopedia on anything design related. His knowledge and creativity are major strengths for the team. He is a Lausanne-based creative who previously worked for Swiss Typefaces, Balmer Hählen, ECAL – to name a few – and Eracom where he was teaching the history of contemporary graphic design. Passionate about visual culture, he founded several projects for the creative community (Ligature.ch, Swissposters, Mosoma Books) and he is partner at the type design company Newglyph.

Elise Migraine

Service & Interaction Designer

Louis Dessaux

Graphic Designer

It was through his background in economics and human resources that Louis discovered his love for developing digital documents. He felt the need to have more creative interconnectedness in his career, so he went back to school to study visual communication in Vevey. But his creativity doesn’t stop there; His passion for music combined to the latest motion and graphic design trends is much appreciated by our clients.

Nora Perez

Graphic Designer

She has always had an artistic passion to create things, a true artist at heart. From a very young age Nora had dreams of becoming a designer, she would imagine herself designing furniture. And when she was finally of age to attend, she applied to Eracom in Lausanne, where she specialized in graphic design. She enjoys sharing her creativity with others, and strives in the challenges and surprises each project brings.  With many interesting and prestigious projects under her belt, like the Montreux Jazz Festival and Les Gin des Mamies, she has developed a solid background in graphic design.

Fabian Luginbühl

Graphic Designer

Fabian is definitely the youngest member of our team and he is also the tallest. Growing up on a farm, his curiosity and interest always seems to be more art and design oriented. And his big love and fascination for computers and cutting edge design technology drove him to study graphic design at the Schule für Gestaltung Bern und Biel (SfGBB). Always eager to learn we’re very lucky to have his curiosity on our team.

Violeta Milicevic

Digital Strategist

With a very original background, she studied law, but later decided to pursue a professional career in digital marketing and strategy to be in a visually creative environment. She grew up in picturesque Montreux, Switzerland. But with dreams of living in New Zealand. One thing is for sure she is full of surprises, Violeta has studied Krav Maga, is a volunteer firefighter and enjoys cruising on her motorcycle on the weekends. She thrives on the camaraderie of working in a team and bringing out the best in others and herself to produce great work.

Hugo Villetelle

Digital Strategist

Bertran Suris

3D & Motion Designer

Born in Barcelona, the Spanish native didn’t stay there long. This rolling stone was raised lake side in Nyon amongst castles and the Paleo festival. Bertran has an architecture degree from ETH Zurich. The technical design knowledge he acquired during his studies sparked a desire to explore the world of 3D animation, and we’re lucky he delved right in. The motion design he’s developing for our clients has opened our eyes to the possibilities of 3D animation in our profession.

Jorge Cheevers

Head of Digital

We would describe Jorge as our in house design ninja. His calm disposition and focused work ethic are truly a force. With studies and experience in both computer sciences and graphic design, his interests go beyond that. His multi-faceted creativity also touches photography and interior design. With a beautifully refined eye, perspective and unique point of view, it’s always interesting to see where his ideas and creativity will take our projects and the team.

Alan Marineau

Interactive Media Designer

This man enjoys spending his free time listening to, and making music, hiking or climbing a mountain. With years of experience in website development and design Alan has brought so much “savoir faire” to our team. We’re blessed to have his contagious laughter and wonderful sense of humor around the office, not to mention having this great energy for our clients and their projects.

Matthieu Stadelmann

Web Developer

After graduating in information, communication and sociology sciences, Matthieu realized that he needed a new challenge in his life. That’s when he decided to move to Berlin to study coding. He’s also a huge music lover and currently studying music production in his spare time. This is the kind of passion that drives creativity.

John Robert-Nicoud

Web Developer

Kyle Mobilia

Web Developer

We have built a team of innovative and free thinking minds all specializing in their respective fields. Creatively working together and freely mixing their creative disciplines to develop unique visual journeys. Sharing the common belief that placing the human experience at the center of our projects and technology and digital strategy research is a fundamental part of today’s communication needs.

We design for our global community and push our imaginative limits with forward thinking bravado, and joie de vivre.

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