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Mathieu Tornare

Founder & Creative Director

As insatiably curious as he is creative, it is not surprising that Mathieu has many passions: fly fishing, cooking, coffee, travel, and even aviation. However, it’s HØRDE that excites him the most. At the agency, he is able to share the knowledge he has acquired throughout his career, from strategic planning to interaction design. Mathieu prides himself on bringing out the best in every member of his team. To him, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Hard work, humility, ambition, and the courage to venture off the beaten path are the values that guide him each and every day.

Sylvain Conus

Founder & Creative Director

If you’re looking for Sylvain, you may want to check the side of the nearest mountain. Nature and sports nourish his creativity. For each project, he works to lead his team toward the most accurate realization of the client’s request. Having a background in multimedia complemented by experience in advertising, luxury brands, and artistic direction, Sylvain’s vision is one rooted in precise, refined, and innovative design. The knowledge he shares with his team is indispensable. For Sylvain, it is imperative that the work done at HØRDE extend beyond briefings and shine on a larger scale.

Ariane Staudenmann

Administrative Assistant

Célia Roche

Account Director

Béatrice Bleuler

Content & Strategy Manager

Born in the bustling megalopolis of Tokyo, Béatrice quickly moved to the quieter countryside of Switzerland. After obtaining her master’s degree in Management from HEC Lausanne, she went on to a career specializing in marketing and communications. Over the years, she has evolved and thrived in diverse professional environments from start-ups to multinationals, including the likes of Nespresso and Estée Lauder. Being fluent in several languages and the product of a rich multicultural background has endowed Béatrice with a unique set of communication skills that she adapts to reach a variety of audiences.

Gaël Faure

Art & Concept Director

“Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” — Douglas Adams.
If there’s one thing Gaël Faure believes in, it’s the creative potential of so-called mistakes and the formidable capacity for innovation of the human imagination. For this half-Spanish, quarter-Russian, quarter-French designer, the spirit of collaboration is in his DNA. Confident in his own tastes and artistic choices, Gaël espouses an unapologetically lateral and respectful approach to creative management, where personal involvement and teamwork inspire collective success. After earning his degree in Visual Communications at the esteemed ECAL in 2009, Gaël went on to hone his skills at various agencies in London and Berlin before co-founding the studio Carnal Faure Verona with Yanis Carnal and Raphaël Verona. Prior to joining HØRDE, he spent two years as an Art Director at the Geneva headquarters of the international creative agency Base Design. Based in Lausanne, Gaël has also taught at both ECAL and EPFL.

Chris Gautschi

Art Director

Growing up and studying in La Chaux-de-Fonds, watchmaking capital and the city of Corbusier, likely had a hand in developing Chris’s passion for all things related to architecture and design. Chris may be a strong believer in learning the basics, but make no mistake, he knows how to break the rules. An avid book collector, Chris launched his career in the Swiss cultural sector designing publications and promotional materials. These days, you will likely run into him at some sort of cultural event or exhibition; but if you really want to find Chris, look no further than the forefront of the latest art and design trends. Luckily for HØRDE, he is always eager to share his findings with the team and our clients.

Dennis Moya Razafimandimby

Art Director

The owner of an incredible collection of art and design books, Dennis is basically a walking encyclopedia. His unique savoir-faire and limitless creativity make him a major asset to the entire team. The Lausanne-based designer has worked for Swiss Typefaces, Balmer Hählen, and ECAL, just to name a few. Dennis has also taught History of Contemporary Graphic Design at Eracom. The impassioned aesthete has played a formative role in several projects within the creative community, including Ligature.ch, Swissposters, and Mosoma Books. He is also a partner at the design firm Newglyph.

Eli Amuklu

Directeur Artistique

Nora Perez

Senior Designer & Production Manager

Nora’s limitless creativity is most eloquently expressed through her illustrations. After graduating from Eracom with a degree in Graphic Design, she spent the next four years working for the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Nora’s tenure there did not confine her to the world of music. On the contrary, she continued to put her talents to good use across a diverse portfolio of projects, including the creation of the visual identity for Gin des Mamies.

Olivier Weber

Senior Graphic Designer

Julie Fachinetti

Graphic Designer

Reto Nussbaum

Ideas Generator

Louis Dessaux

Graphic & Motion Designer

Iris Moine

Graphic & Motion Designer

Vincent Guttmann

Head of Digital Marketing

Alexis Capt

Digital Executive

Kenza Blattmann

Project Executive

Pauline Geninasca

Project Executive

Carla Stecher

Project Executive

Robin Bécherraz

Lead Developer

André Félix

Web Developer

HØRDE is a team of passionate creatives who are all specialists in their respective fields.

Creativity is the motor that drives our business, and we all share the belief that the human experience should be at the heart of every project and strategy. Our approach is firmly rooted in the canon of Swiss graphic design. These are the foundational elements upon which we envision the future of interaction design and technology.

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Movie Director

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